Fully automatic mounting machine 130 TBUR - Schenck Belgium

  • Working range of 14 "- 21"
  • Improved accessibility and maintenance through parallel ground-level feeding of tires and rims each with an automatic soaping station
  • Type-specific adjustable assembly station for the assembly of standard tires but also run-flat tires and emergency wheels
  • Ergonomic operating concept and shortest cycle times
  • Installation without special foundation possible!
  • Fast and uncomplicated commissioning
Range of application

The 130TBUR assembly machine gives you maximum performance and flexibility for your complete wheel production in the working range 14 "-21".
The type-specific assembly process allows a gentle tire assembly at shortest cycle times. The high performance of the system is equally available in batch or sequence mode.
The corrosion resistant stainless steel soap stations provide optimal process-reliable application of the mounting agent on tire bead and rim flange.
The 130TBUR is digital-ready and fully integrable in Loxeo. Loxeo allows you to make individual evaluations of machine performance and status.


• Type-specific adjustable, modular assembly station for complete wheel assembly
• Parallel ground-level feeding of tires and rims
• Modular machine-design for future upgrades, e.g. on robot-solution
• Independent soaping stations to lubricate rim flanges and tire beads, incl. TPMS valve recognition
• Tire and rim gauging as a plausibility check
• Tire overlay unit with servo gripper and cross transport
• Tire assembly with rotating assembly tool in one or two turns

Special features

• Flexible coverage of the working range of 14 "- 21" in mixed operation
• Digital-ready machine design for complete Loxeo integration
• Automatic plausibility check of the supplied complete wheel components for an active wrong-way mounting prevention
• Process-reliable lubricant application on rim and tire by means of spray system with flow monitoring
• TPMS-valve detection and positioning to prevent valve-damage during assembly process
• 8-point rim clamping under 90 ° arrangement for safe and at the same time gentle holding of the disc wheel during the assembly process
• Gentle tire assembly through type-specific assembly procedures
• Special SCHENCK bead-feeder mounting-tool with patented automatic radius adjustment
• Continuous monitoring of the mounting torque with type-specific limit and graphical visualization of the torque curve

Technical data
Data at a glance           
Working Range           
Wheel weight max.  [kg]  50       
Wheel outer diamater  [mm]  550 - 850        
Wheel width  [mm]  100-300       
Rim diameter  [inch]  13-18 / 14-19 / 15-20 / 16-21       
Rim width  [inch]  3-10       
Rim offset  [mm]  0 - 120       
Rim material    Steel, Alloy       
Number of processable mounting programs    9999       
Width  [mm]  4000       
Depth  [mm]  8300       
Height  [mm]  3300       
Feed-in height rims  [mm]  1065       
Feed-in height tires  [mm]  1065       
Feed-out height tire and wheel assemblies  [mm]  1065       
Total net weight  [kg]  8000       
Power supply    400V 3-Ph, 50Hz       
Total connected load  [kVA]  25       
PLC type    Siemens F1500 TIA       
Compressed air consumption max.  [m³ i.N. pro h]  60       
Compressed air supply pressure  [bar]  ≥ 6       
Noise level  [dB(A)]  ≤ 80       
Machine color    RAL 7035 (SCHENCK-Standard)       
Cycle time           
both beads mounted simultaneously  [s]  10       
single bead mounting  [s]  12